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    By your side since 1984, providing high-quality and completely Made in Italy technological production lines.
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    Turnkey pasta factories, feasibility studies, training, and consulting.
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    Gluten-free and organic products are increasingly common and valued in the market. Our BT Cooker technology guarantees the production of gluten-free pasta using native raw materials.
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    Lines for the production of Snack Pellets, laminated and extruded cut products, Bacon Strips, 3D Pellets, etc. Production lines from 50 Kg/h up to 1,000 Kg/h Cereal and potato-based products.
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    Continuous Automatic Lines for the production of high-quality Couscous with Steam Cooking. For a healthy and traditional product.
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    Instant pasta production lines. Easy and quick to prepare anywhere and anytime. Various flavors make instant pasta a product with great potential that is gaining ground in the international market. Custom packaging. New Generation Pasta!

We design and supply "turnkey" plants for the production of Pasta and Snack Pellets.

We at Tecalit have a strong international experience in the design and supply of complete plants for the production of Dry Pasta, Snack Pellets, Fresh Pasta.

Our customers, located in over 50 countries, testify to our competence and reliability in following them and supporting them in their development and growth. We are also proud to provide cutting-edge technologies for the production of Gluten Free Food.

We are ready to face the challenges that the future holds with the awareness of being a solid and reliable partner with a long tradition of successes in the world.

Tecalit, your successful choice!

Continuous Research and Development

impianti produzione pasta

40 years of successes

Wide range of technologies

Focus on Technologies


Sturdy structures complete with centrifuge, kneading mixer, cylinder with compression screw and head.


Short Cut Pasta, Long Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Couscous, Special Pasta. We have designed a specific dryer for each product. We have designed a specific dryer for each product.


Multistage screws made of special steel convey the product towards the head.

Gluten Free

Our innovative 'BT Cooker' technology allows the use of native gluten-free flours.

Cooker - Pasteurizer

Tailor-made machine for industrial production of Couscous, Instant Pasta and Fresh Pasta.

Our Customers believe in us

Your Successful Choice

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