Instant Pasta



A healthy product, which is tasty and easy to make, with compact dimensions and that is more and more present in the global market.

It is pasta made of high-quality durum wheat semolina, with natural and customizable seasoning for any taste bud.

The procedure is very simple: you just pour some hot water into the container and after 3 minutes the product is ready to be enjoyed.

The true taste of Made in Italy pasta, on hand anywhere in the world. A simple productthat can satisfy an ever-changing market.


Process technology

Dough production and its extrusion is performed by the Tecalit press using the Full Vacuum Technology, to guarantee better quality and color in the product.
The degree of gelatinization is controlled by means of the BT Cooker technology, which was developed by Tecalit and is mounted before the mixing group.

The product is then extruded by special Instant Pasta Die Plates into special types that are specific for this product. (usually characterized by very thin wall shapes)


Steam Cooking

Tecalit R&D has implemented the steam cooker to ensure homogeneity and quality, and to enhance the traditional pasta texture.

Instant Pasta is made from native natural flour without using any chemical additives.



The Tecalit TDU drying unit allows to reach an excellent performance during pasta cooking.

The drying process is monitored by probes and sensors that allow for a constant control in each phase.

By means of a user friendly digital interfacethe parameters can be set according to the raw materials used, so as to obtain top performance with any raw material.

Low consumption, high-speed drying and product homogeneity are the distinguishing features of our dryers.


Instant Pasta Packaging

Thetransport-proofpackaging, with dry product safely placed at the center.

It comes in the form of packets or cups that meet the following requirements for product conservation, flavor preservation and safeguarding the organoleptic features of the pasta.

The flavors may vary with the spices chosen by the client, keeping long shelf life and high convenience.


Tecalit, 100% Made in Italy

High manufacturing standard

Flexibility to produce different types of pasta

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Modularity and flexibility to meet specific client’s requests

Solid frame and panels entirely made of stainless steel

Complete line automation and control through PC and PLC.

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