Long Pasta


Long Pasta Lines

The Long Pasta linesbuilt by Tecalit stand out for their technology and engineering reliability and for being user friendly.

The NOVA series Presses extrusion technology ensures an excellent pasta quality due to their total vacuum technologyand to their high-performance compression screws special design..

PDT-HT drying guarantees a consistent drying process able to dry long pasta homogeneously, offering stability in the process and in the final product.

Air flows between Pre-Drying Unit and Dryer allow for an important energy re-use and consumption reduction, while maintaining pasta’s organoleptic features intact.


Production capacity ranging from 300 to 6600 kg/h

Total vacuum technology

For low capacity lines, Tecalit recommends its Single-tier solutions, while for high capacity lines it recommends a dryer with 3 or 5 independent tiers.

Total vacuum technology, together with the dimensioning of mixer and with the high-performance compression screw all guarantee high quality products during the extrusionstage..


PDT-HT drying technology

High-Performance compression screws.
Flexibility to produce different pasta types thanks to easy adjustment of drying conditions and time.

Efficient pre-drying unit.

The air flows have been designed to obtain areas where pasta is heated as well as other areas where pasta can release humidity, such areas are alternated with the aim of heating pasta till its core.

High-Temperature Drying (PDT-HT technology) with fully independent drying zones, through which pasta is ventilated and tempered.


High performance even in low capacity production units

The Single-tier line offers flexibility to produce different types of pastathanks to effective adjustment of temperature, humidity and drying time.


High-Efficiency Cooling

Cooler with dew point control to guarantee no condensation and for stability of pasta coming out of the line.


Tecalit, 100% Made in Italy

High manufacturing standard

Flexibility to produce different types of pasta

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Modularity and flexibility to meet specific client’s requests

Solid frame and panels entirely made of stainless steel

Complete automation and control of the line via PC and PLC.

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