Multi-shape Lines

Versatile machine for the production of long pasta, short-cut pasta, nest pasta and special shapes.

Tecalit manufactures machinery for clients who are starting a business in the field of pasta production, and who wish to serve the market producing any type of pasta, with an economical and versatile .solution For such context, Tecalit recommends the Multi-shape Line. Considering that further machinery can be integrated in a later moment, Tecalit offers a starter solution with a press with rectangular and circular heads, provided with shaping units for producing short-cut pasta, long pasta, nest pasta and special types, using static dryers to dry the product. In a later stage, industrial-size continuous lines can be installed, by adding new continuous automated dryers for short-cut and long pasta, re-using the existing machinery and dedicating the static dryers to nest pasta and special types. Tecalit is proud to offer such an opportunity to several Clients who are growing their business thanks to our Multi-Shape Lines.


Production capacity ranging from 150 to 1000 kg/h

Total vacuum technology

Total vacuum technology, together with the dimensioning of mixer and with the high-performance compression screw, ensures high quality products during the extrusion stage.


Modular Press

The press is designed to support different types of pasta, using circular or rectangular heads. Such technology allows to produce any type of pasta : Short Pasta, Long Pasta, Nest Pasta, Special Types in order to respond since the beginning to all market demand with a wide range of products.


Industrial-size production

Our systems are made of individual modules that allow the specific use of various machines according to the type of pasta. By later upgrade, the various modules can be added and integrated for an automated and continuous operation..


Static Dryers

The static dryers that we design and manufacture allow to dry the pasta while maintaining the organoleptic featuresof a “handmade” product.

The perfect investment during the starting stage of semi-automatic plants.


Tecalit, 100% Made in Italy

High manufacturing standard

Flexibility to produce different types of pasta

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Modularity and flexibility to meet specific client’s requests

Solid frame and panels entirely made of stainless steel

Complete automation and control of the line via PC and PLC.

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