Nest Pasta & Special Shapes


Nest Pasta Lines

Nest Pasta lines manufactured by Tecalit stand out for their technology and engineering reliability and for being user friendly. Tecalit can supply Nest Pasta lines having a production capacity ranging from 200 kg/h to 1,200 kg/h.

The Nest Pasta line can be designed to also produce short-cutpasta, so as to offer high flexibility to the client, and to allow easy return on investment, especially when opening a new pasta factory. From the technical point of view, both Nest Pasta and Short-Cut Pasta share the same type of press and dryer, so a short-cut pasta press head, a cutter, a shaker and pre-drying unit must be added. These machines are added in parallel to allow the production of Short Pasta.

The Dryer is designed to support Short Pasta production with Special Shapes (Paccheri, large Fusilli, Gigli, Pennoni, etc..), ensuring excellent air distribution and long drying time.


Production capacity ranging from 200 to 1200 kg/h

Total vacuum technology

Total vacuum technology, together with the dimensioning of mixer and with the high-performance compression screw, ensures high quality products during the extrusion stage.


Flexibility in the nest weight

Thanks to large-capacity steel cups the nest weight can range from 25g to 50g always keeping the typical shape of its tradition.

This line’s flexibilityallows to perfectly meet any customers’ needs.



Pre-drying in stainless steel cups guarantees a perfectly rounded and lengthened shape of the nest that is typical ofhigh-quality products.


High-efficiency dryer

Optimal air circulation with ventilation and tempering treatment in every part of the Dryer.

High-Temperature Drying (TDU-HT technology) with ventilation and tempering with lapping and continuous crossing of air through nest pasta.

Structure and panels are entirely made of stainless steel.
The panels can be completely opened for total cleaning possibility, with easy access by the operators.


Line's flexibility

The nest pasta production line can be linked in parallel with a Shaker Pre-Drying Unit for Short-Cut Pasta by means of an elevator on the same dryer, so as to be able to also produce short pasta and special shapes.

To make the lines more flexible in the production of different shapes of pasta, to guarantee return on investment through a wide range of products that can be obtained.


Tecalit, 100% Made in Italy

High manufacturing standard

Flexibility to produce different types of pasta

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Modularity and flexibility to meet specific client’s requests

Solid frame and panels entirely made of stainless steel

Complete automation and control of the line via PC and PLC.

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