Cutting-edge technology

The machine is entirely made of Stainless Steel, with high-level motors and components for continuous-cycle use and long service life.

High-temperature-resistant beltand device to level the input product and detangle the output product in the form of couscous.

The cooking process is performed by a steam distribution system through nozzles that are properly positioned inside the cooking chamber. Temperature is monitored by temperature probes allowing constant control of the cooking parameters.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Insulated lid to reduce heat dispersion, provided with an automated lifting system to allow easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

Built-in system to clean the belt, using high-pressure water pump and washing nozzles, with wastewater collection tank.

Instant pasta, couscous, fresh pasta

The cooker technology is used for producing Couscous, Instant Pasta and Fresh Pasta. The cooker building features are different according to the type of final product required.

Thefinal product quality is guaranteed by customized highly technological systems that are designed to meet specific client requirements. The know howis always provided and developed by Tecalit.

Pasteurization and drying

In Fresh Pasta production, the pasteurizer is used to abate the bacterial charge in fresh pasta using high temperatures to ensure correct conservation of the product

The exposition time for the product is controlled by adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt.

At the design stage, lab tests are carried out to make sure the system maintains the organoleptic features of the final product..