Cous Cous



Couscous is a typical food of Northern Africa and its consumption is growing in Europa and North America.

The R&D department in Tecalitdeveloped a new technology for producing Couscous in industrial capacity, while keeping the principles of “handmade production” and transferring them into the industrial line.

Tecalit provides Couscous production lines having a capacity range from 500 a 3.200 kg/h. The line consists of a Dough Forming Machine with high-speed centrifuge and mixer, followed by a Rolling calibrator for modeling and sifting of Couscous.

Then the product passes through a steam cooker, a rotary dryer, a final cooler, and a sifting system with rolling mill to recover the out-of-size couscous.

The line allows easy calibration and selection of the different sizes of Couscous, to meet the final customer taste.

Easy configuring and flexibility for production parameters setting, in combination with an excellent quality of Couscous, contribute to the success of our Clients.


Production capacity ranging from 300 to 3200 kg/h

Easy sift change

In the Roulousethe couscous is calibrated through some stainless steel nets that are intended to sift the product and give it a spherical shape-


Correct processing of the dough

The quality of Couscous starts with dough creation and the rotary sifting device that gives to the product that typical shape


The core of quality

In this phase, the couscous is cooked till its core. This machine guarantees an excellent cooking degree of the product that makes it really appreciated by all our clients.


High-efficiency dryer

Large quantity of air in couscous ventilation for correct product drying


Calibration group

Sift and roller mill to correctly calibrate several sizes of couscous(Large – Medium – Fine).


Tecalit, 100% Made in Italy

High manufacturing standard

Flexibility to produce different types of pasta

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Modularity and flexibility to meet specific client’s requests

Solid frame and panels entirely made of stainless steel

Complete automation and control of the line via PC and PLC.

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